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Important Notice regarding Subsidiary Examination (Part – I) 2017


Important Instructions to Candidates while entering the Examination Hall

1. Admit Card  is compulsory while appearing for the Examination Hall.
2. Make sure that you are not in possession of any material such as books, note–books, scribbled
note which may tempt you to copy OR use as a reminder.
3. Read the instructions given to the answer-book carefully.
4. DO NOT take away the answer-book or supplement while leaving the Examination Hall.
5. It is recommended that you do not bring any mobile phones or other electronic devices (except a calculator where authorized) into an exam. A mobile phone without a SIM card is still considered a mobile phone and is prohibited for use as a calculator, dictionary or other resource.
6. DO NOT communicate in any way with other candidates in the Examination Hall
7. DO NOT disobey the instructions(s) issued to you by the Room In-charge or Invigilators.
8. DO NOT behave in a rude OR disobedient manner.

9. Candidates should ensure that they sign the Attendance Sheet.

Failure to follow the instructions, any misconduct or breach of rules will result in Expelling the
candidate from the Examination for one year.


Sd/- Center Superintendent / Principal